The co-sponsoring institution administering the CCST program series serves as the continuing education sponsor providing coordination for the Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma (C.C.S.T.) seminar series.

Each module may be registered for individually with the organization presenting the seminar series in that program's calendar year of modules throughout the sequence of modules for the program .

Individual seminar modules may be attended as separate educational seminars for topics in areas of special interest or concern, and for CE credit in approved states and provinces.

Continuing Education credit is applied for by the cosponsoring organization and applications and approvals are posted when the information becomes available.

More information on state board application and approval updates for a given program year the program is presented are available through the program references posted by the Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences as well as the cosponsoring organization.

Please Note: Credit towards certification hours for attending individual module/seminar sessions of the C.C.S.T. program are archived separately from the CE credit process.  Regardless of CE credit status, your attendance at C.C.S.T. modules are applied towards your educational hours requirements for C.C.S.T. certification. Attendance records are forwarded by the cosponsoring organization directly to the ICA Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences, and hours of attendance are archived by the Council for records managment and credit towards completing the educational requirements for the C.C.S.T. Certification.

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