The faculty presenters for the CCST program include Dr. Dan Murphy as lead instructor, with a team of presenters for select module topics; the specific lineup of presenters on the team may vary in relation to a particular year in which the CCST program is scheduled.  The faculty presenters from earlier program sessions are posted here for your reference in the interim.

Dr. Dan Murphy
Dr. Bryan Gatterman
Dr. Charles Davis
Dr. John Maltby
Mr. Travis G. Black, Esq.

Dr. Daniel J. Murphy is the developer and primary lecturer of this comprehensive post-graduate curriculum that includes state-of-the-art information regarding trauma neurology, mechanisms of vehicular accident injury, clinical trauma case management concerns, and documentation issues and strategies.

Dr. Murphy is a magna cum laude graduate of Western States Chiropractic College and was awarded DABCO Diplomate credentials in 1986 from the American Board of Chiropractic Orthopedics. He has also accumulated additional advanced post-graduate continuing education in Biomechanics, Orthopedics, X-ray, and Neurology.

A recognized and popular instructor, Dr. Murphy teaches internationally and maintains clinical practice in California while serving on the faculty at Life Chiropractic College West. He has taught post-graduate classes for a long list of chiropractic colleges and individual programs, including the acclaimed CCST program he developed, and also the Whiplash and Spinal Trauma two-weekend series he presents around the US with the International Chiropractors Association.

Dr. Murphy's areas of expertise involve a series of topic areas including: biomechanics of vehicular collisions; biomechanics of spine trauma; biomechanics of pediatric vehicular collisions; soft tissue injury and repair; pain and proprioceptive neurology; and the management of spine and spinal related disorders.

A popular and dynamic presenter, he is respected for his ability to bring complex anatomical and physiological factors into perspective with case management decision-making and documentation, his clarity on communicating chiropractic principles in practice and research, and his commitment to sharing advancements in both clinical research and recently published literature on a wide range of clinically relevant topics.

Bryan Gatterman , DC, DACBR is a clinical radiologist, educator and published author. He holds a position as clinical radiologist at Life Chiropractic College West, where he also serves on the faculty at that institution as Associate Professor. He is a 1976 graduate of Western States Chiropractic College; in addition to his DC degree, he also received his D.A.C.B.R. in Chiropractic Radiology from Western States in 1979. He is an active member of the American College of Chiropractic Radiologists, and is a past president of the American Chiropractic College of Radiology. He brings his extensive clinical experience and background from numerous academic and clinical appointments to his work and education, including instruction at Western States Chiropractic College, Palmer College of Chiropractic West, Life Chiropractic College West, and programs at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, National College of Chiropractic, and multiple workshops and conferences around the world. He has served on the faculty for the DACS Diplomate Program in Applied Chiropractic Sciences and is a published author in numerous papers, peer-reviewed journals, and reference publications.

Charles Davis , DC, CCST, QME is an experienced presenter with an extensive background in vehicular accident biomechanics and soft tissue injury. A graduate of Los Angeles College of Chiropractyic, Dr. Davis is certified in industrial medicine as a State of California Qualified Medical Evaluator and holds a Diplomate in the American Academy of Pain Management. In addition to advanced training in traffic reconstruction and neurology, Dr. Davis has been involved in care of athletes at the local and national levels. Sports. He was awarded Educator-Researcher of the Year by the ICA of California in 2001. Dr. Davis is a published author who has also had research published in peer-reviewed journals, and is especially recognized for his work on the effects of low speed impacts.


John Maltby, DC, CCST is an experienced and popular instructor and a consultant to individual chiropractic practitioners and companies for documentation and credentials protocols, case management practices, and chiropractic techniques. A graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic practicing in Blythe , California , In addition to serving on the C.C.S.T. faculty with Dr. Murphy for the past several years, he has presented seminars at numerous locations on chiropractic practice, technique, and documentation including QME programs throughout California for the ICA of California Association Seminar Series.

Dr. Maltby was elected to serve as the President of the International Chiropractors Association in May, 2005. His many professional contributions include service as the Chair of the Programs Committee for the ICA Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences and he has also presided as Chairman of the Board for the International Chiropractors Association of California, the ICA state affiliate association.  Dr. Maltby has also acted as a consultant to numerous chiropractors and companies for documentation and credentials protocols and practices.   


In the Recordkeeping, Patient Examinations, and Documentation module for the C.C.S.T. program, Dr. Maltby's extensive professional experience and pragmatic, practice-focused approach provide up to date, relevant information regarding clinical management and professional practices in record-keeping and reporting.


Travis G. Black
, Esq.
earned his Doctor of Jurisprudence from Western State University of Law and is the Past Vice President of the El Dorado County Bar Association. With offices both in Cameron Park and Fair Oaks , California , the Travis G. Black & Associates firm handles personal injury litigation and general civil litigation, and holds particular expertise in questionable, Special Investigation (SIU) automobile accident cases.

Mr. Black has lectured extensively in the areas of questionable claims handling, SIU management and training throughout the United States . Formerly the Manager of West Division Special Investigation Unit for Progressive Insurance, he oversaw and assisted the legal defense of all questionable claims in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Hawaii. In the course of his work he has developed and introduced computerization of SIU data gathering, which expedited scanning claims for red flags at their inception and reduced processing time frames by an average of three months. Mr. Black formerly served as Active Dispute Resolution Conference Judge Pro Tem and Arbitrator, and currently serves as Volunteer Deputy District Attorney for the Sacramento County District Attorneys Office, trying misdemeanor cases on a voluntary basis. Mr. Black's work with the chiropractic profession includes serving on the distinguished faculty for several years with the Chiropractic Certification in Spinal Trauma (C.C.S.T.) program, developed and presented with Dr. Dan Murphy, and also holding organizational affiliation with the California Chiropractic Association and the Sacramento Chiropractic Asssociation.










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