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The Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences offers valuable resources relating to applications of chiropractic science to patient care, including forums for networking and sharing information, comparing presentations of specific cases doctors encounter in their practices, and resource and reference information related to optimal elements of chiropractic care for multiple clinical considerations. 


New from the ICA Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences:


One of the most important and frequently-requested areas for information on Chiropractic involves the combinations of the Cost-Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care and the Efficacy of Chiropractic!  This concise yet comprehensive Research Reference Review provides critical, carefully-referenced summaries of a wide range of health care studies.  

Two main concerns in health care are effectiveness and efficacy.  Chiropractic’s ability to benefit multiple vital health parameters plus help offset the main cost drivers (drugs, surgery, and hospital-based rehabilitation) are key to raising awareness in both public and professional spheres.  This compendium helps demonstrate that, when we encourage conservative care of health concerns, utilizing chiropractic’s unique interventions, it will provide many clinical and economically proactive benefits.  



Research Reviews and Reference Updates
Dr. Dan Murphy is constantly reviewing the scientific literature on chiropractic, nutrition, and injury. For an online subscription bringing you  52 issues a year, you can receive uniquely pertinent and practical updates through signing up for his weekly Article Review Service

Dr. Murphy also offers a series of special topic resources in his lineup of links to commentaries and references (with timely topics including Acceleration of Degenerative Disc Disease Following Whiplash Injuries; Vehicle Damage vs. Passenger Injury; Dangers of Tylenol (Acetaminophen); Spine Pain and Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids; Vitamin D3 Dosing; and more) which are available through his Free Stuff 


Backpack Awareness Council
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The ICA Council on Applied Chiropractic Sciences is pleased to have the opportunity to support the efforts of the Backpack Awareness Council (BAC) and its work to identify concerns relating to backpack issues with the health of people of all ages, and that BACs efforts to develop information and advocacy resources for building awareness as well as supporting action steps to address the legislative and health policy elements of backpack use.